The Problem Solvers

  • Processing and Packaging: Experience and infrastructure to handle, process and pack on a large scale.
    Processing plant for pre-cleaning, gravity sorting, electronic selection and upgrading up to 160 metric tons per shift.
    Handle salvaging operations for agricultural products & animal feed.
    Polishing and Hammer milling also available.
    Goods are packaged immediately for end customer which makes it more economical. Packaging of up to 120 metric tons per shift. Can package quantities from 250g to 1000Kgs.
    All pre-packed products are palletised and stretch wrapped for easy handling and distribution.
    Stuffing and unpacking of containers on site.
    Bulk handling in by road or rail.
    Packing of bulk into 1 ton sling bags.
    Packing of bulk into containers.
    Docking facility can accommodate 5 to 7 containers at one time.
    Cross haul of containers.
    Bulk handling with skips or conveyor systems.
    Capacity to load up to 50 containers per shift.
San Francisco